Wedding Cake
Maine Medical Cannabis

What’s New, Rosin, and Current Specials

What’s New?

Our most recent harvest is being trimmed and processed.

Blue Dream, Banana Hammock, and Moonshine Ghost Train Haze are back in our Puffin Platinum flower selection. More coming soon!

Also now carrying 100mg THC Infused Drinks in Mulled Cider of Winterberry Flavors.

We have 6 new offerings of Fresh Pressed Rosin: Apricot Jelly, Assault Cake, Blue Harlequin, Bubba Cindy 99, Black Cherry Soda Goji, and Moonshine Ghost Train Haze.

A Little About Our Rosin

All our Rosin comes from fresh, in house kief. This is a simple bonus from our home style trimming, to give you the best, hand trimmed flower. 

Why Solventless? Its clean and close to hash. You can put it in your pipe and smoke it, dab it, throw it in a joint or even add it to butter to make clean edibles.

Through a process of heat, pressure, and professionalism, we achieve high quality, clean products for you to enjoy.  

Wedding Cake

1 Mill Current Medical Cannabis Specials

While Supplies Last

– 60mg Berry Pate de Fruit $15 (regular price $20)
– 10mg Truffles 2 for $5 (Flavors: Espresso, Passion Fruit, Caramel, Yuzu, Strawberry)
– Two 100mg Lollipops (any flavor) $15 (regular price $20)
– Five 50mg Tropical Punch Lollipops $20 (regular price $25)
– Mother of Berries Live Resin Cart $35 (regular price $40)
– 1g of Shatter $30 (regular price $35)
– Select 1/2g Distillate Cartridges $25: (Sour Apricot, Root Beer, Mint, Sour Tangerine, and Skywalker OG)

150mg Hazelnut Cookie Bars $15 (regular price $20) SOLD OUT
– 100mg Chocolate Bars $10 (Flavors: Milk Chocolate Almond or Hazelnut) SOLD OUT


CBD Specials

While Supplies Last

– Calm or No. 30 Tincture 900mg $100 (regular price $110)
– Pain Salve 300mg $50 (regular price $55)
– Pain Salve 900mg $100 (regular price $120)
– Calm or No. 12 Tincture 100mg $15 (regular price $20)
– Detox Tincture – 50% Off!   300mg $25  |   900mg $55

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