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maine family businessAbout Our Maine Family Business

1 Mill was opened on June 30, 2018. Paul and Carole pooled their savings to purchase the location in May 2018 and renovated the space which had formerly been a restaurant, odds and ends shop, offices and a residence over the years.

Paul was born in Madison, Wisconsin and moved with his family to Belfast in 1995. He attended Belfast Area High School. Paul studied Social Work at the University of Southern Maine and left his studies to become a medical marijuana caregiver and advocate in Augusta. Paul has been involved with cannabis policy since 2011, when he worked successfully with a Republican House, Senate and Governor to pass the landmark reform bill “An Act to Protect Patient Privacy”. In 2013, Paul brokered a compromise between the Maine Medical Association, advocates and legislators to pass into law LD 361, which allowed medical cannabis to be recommended for PTSD, IBS and other illnesses. He has been instrumental in shaping state and local policy concerning cannabis in Maine. These days he enjoys devoting his full-time to caregiving, cultivating and serving patients at 1 Mill.

Carole was born in Baltimore, Maryland and moved to Maine in 2007. She attended Towson University where she graduated with a degree in Mass Communication and Art. After moving to Maine, she worked for a large hotel company doing photography, design, and websites. Carole was instrumental in the passage of Question 1 in 2016 to legalize Cannabis for all adults in Maine through her social media savvy and meme campaign. Currently, she manages the social media and web presence of 1 Mill as well as creating clothing, accessories, and other items for Dryad Threads at 1 Mill.

man inspecting medical cannabis plants in maine

Paul and Carole also get a lot of help from their parents. Carole’s mom, Christine, sews bags for Dryad Threads and delivers the occasional lunch when needed. Paul’s dad, Fran, works several shifts at the store and his mom, Jane, is often onsite to lend a hand.

Our cultivating team of Corey, Brett and Paul are constantly researching and innovating to grow you the best strains.

Store staff includes locals, Monica and Corey, who help make it so we can remain open 7 days a week!

1 Mill is truly a small, family business – we pride ourselves in carrying “handmade and homegrown” products and providing customers with one-on-one service.