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While Supplies Last

***Purchases of $200 or over receive a choice of house edible, $10 preroll, or a gram from high roller list ***

$5/gram Indoor
Indica: Milk Truck, Purple Punch, G13
Sativa:  Chocolate Pie, Bird of Paradise, Tangerine,
Hybrid: Unicorn Pie, Squirt,Wedding Pie

$100/oz Outdoor ($5/g)
Indica: Banana Hammock, Lemon OG, Blue Sunset Sherbet
Hybrid: Skunk #1, Black Cherry Soda Goji
Sativa: Laughing Buddha, Raspberry Parfait, Lemon Tree

$180 Ounces (reg. $250)
Hybrid: Animal Mints, PB Mimosa, Purple Gelato, Chocolate Unicorn, Unicorn Poop
Indica: Dosido 33, Planet of the Grapes, Purple Punch
Sativa: Headband

$20/g Concentrates (reg. $30 or $40)
Badder: Blue Gelato, Beehive, Cookie Dough, Sunkist, Sunset Haze,
Cheese Wiz, Morning Sun, Peanut Butter
Crumble: Angel Food Cake
Live Resin: LA, Cheese, Sundae Driver, Mimosa, Pineapple Mimosa
Sugar Wax: Watermelon Gelato, Green Crack, Tropicana Cookies THC-A: Lemon-A

$30/g Concentrates (reg. $40)
Live Resin: NYPD, Thin Mints, White Fire, G13 
Crumble: MOB    
Sugar Wax
: Smash Cake, Raspberry Fizz

Oleoresin Delta 9 THC 1/2g Carts (reg. $40)
$30 Banana Hammock or Lemon Tree

πŸ’₯ While supplies last – as of 03/20/23