Maine Medical Cannabis

The Land of Banned Posts

The best place to find banned posts. Memes, comments, everything. This started with a jealous competitor reporting other people’s posts, which is not only pretty mean, it is also quite silly. It lets the social media platforms continue to censor the legal industry we operate in with the excuse that it is somehow “illegal or illicit drugs.”
Make sure to support censored pages, like 1 Mill, and send us your best banned posts here.

Here are just a few of the posts that have been removed from our Facebook or Instagram pages (we are on our 2nd Instagram profile 🙁  ) …

The Candy Man’s THC Candy Barsthis post was reported and removed on April 24th. It was posted on March 19, 2019. Why wait to report? Why indeed? The original copy read, “New 100mg candy bars in 9 different flavors and 60mg fruit jellies are back. Come find your flavor. Open till 8pm.” We thought it was a great photo and really shows the thoughtful packaging, as well as variety of flavors we carry from Waldo County’s own, Candy Man.

Cat Meme (who doesn’t like cat memes!?)

This was reported and removed on April 25th (posted originally on 3/31). Original copy read, “Enjoy our quality pre-rolls … in several limited flavors – including our CBD blend. Open til 5pm. Closed Monday.” We think our pre-rolls are pretty ample and well worth a try. If cats smoked joints, they would enjoy them 🙂

Oregon Lemon Diesel Skunk
Reported and removed on April 25th (posted originally in late March 2019). Copy read, “Now in stock. Check out the sweet and skunky citrus flavor. Open til ‪8pm‬.

We like our strain memes – obviously something didn’t appreciate our “art.” We don’t currently have any more OLDS in stock – but do have several skunky and citrusy type strains.


The proceeding three images that were reported resulted in being banned from Facebook for 3 days and not being able to post. Thank goodness we were able to workaround that.


Next, a mostly nice story…

A Good Day? Not for someone I guess.

This post was reported about 5 minutes after being uploaded on February 26th. Luckily, we won an appeal and it wasn’t removed. Seems strange, almost like they were waiting for us to post?!

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