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Safer Vaping – What you need to know…

With all the recent issues recently with vape cartridges from the illicit market, it is important to recognize the differences between fake/unsafe products and safe/quality products.

How to spot a fake vape cartridgeThough there is no way to fully guarantee products (even regulated markets have recalls) this information will help you greatly reduce your risk:

1 – Don’t purchase products from the illicit market;
2 – Purchase from a licensed Caregiver (as of the first linked article, no products purchased from licensed caregivers have made people sick);
3 – Ask about test results;
4 – Check the ingredients (vitamin E acetate has been found in over half of the tainted cartridges tested); and
5 – Buy local – we only offer Maine-made and processed cartridges. We personally know the processors and trust them to provide us with quality products for our customers.

For more information, here are a few articles:
How to spot a fake vape cartridge (published 9/16/19)
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