Paul testifies in Augusta
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Another Visit to Augusta

We went to Augusta today to testify in favor of several bills that would make the adult use cannabis laws more friendly to small business and the caregiving community.

Paul testifies in Augusta

Paul is quoted in this article here: Lawmakers consider multiple recreational marijuana bills

Interview/Story on WABI Bangor

Though the industry has gained more support over the years in Augusta (and elsewhere) there are still those who remind us that there is negativity surrounding cannabis with some lawmakers and population.

For too many years cannabis users have faced  a stigma for choosing to use this therapeutic plant.

Cannabis is overall an extremely safe way to provide pain relief, reduce the effects of PTSD, helps in cancer treatment, regulate sleep and so much more.

They are people who will disregard any of these benefits in favor of proverbial “reefer madness” and bad conjecture.

Though it is easy to get frustrated with those who continually push for more and more regulations in the need of “safety,” one thing to do is to explain to them how cannabis products have helped you. Explain to them how people of all walks of life benefit from cannabis use and that cannabis does have medicinal value (it is currently a Schedule 1 drug meaning it is assumed to have no medical value and has a high potential for abuse – ridiculous)!

Luckily, we see more and more who are willing to learn about how cannabis can safely help them live a better life… and more and more people who realize cannabis use should not be looked down upon.

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