Heat Wave Specials
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Heat Wave 🌞 Maine Cannabis Specials & More

MENU NEWS: Maine Medical Cannabis

We’ve added a lot of NEW ITEMS this past week (while supplies last) including:

✨ $5 grams of Blue Mystic, Sugar Black Rose, Gary Payton, White Lightning & Skunk Fast.

✨Moon Rocks: Mimosa, Tangerine, Maui Haze, Lemon Haze, G13, GAK, WiFi OG, Blue Gelato & Grandpa’s Stash

✨ Kief Blunts: Critical 2.0, Wedding Cake, Gorilla Punch, Tangie & Ominus Prime

In addition, we still have some great sales running…

Our current specials are:

***FREE Preroll with purchases over $170***

⭐️ $180 Ounces (reg. $250) Miracle Alien Cookies, Garlic Breath, GMO Runtz

⭐️ $5/gram Indoor Salmon River, Gigabud, Citral Flo, Bubba Kush

⭐️ $100/oz Outdoor Sweet Zombie

⭐️ $30/g Concentrates (reg. $40)
Space Queen Crumble, Cosmic Punch Live Resin, Jedi Kush Badder, Gorilla Lemon Live Resin, Moose & Lobsta Live Resin

⭐️ $20/g Concentrates (reg. $30 or $40) Watermelon Zkittlez Wax, Blue Gelato Badder, Salmon River Badder, White Widow Badder, Mimosa Badder



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