Paul WABI TV interview
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More Cannabis News out of Augusta

Monday was another day in Augusta for Paul. First was a work session which included: a bill to allow colocation of medical and adult use retail stores, changes to the rules on testing, several omnibus bills to change the adult use program, and of course Senator Cyrway’s bill restricting where cannabis can be smoked. Several… Continue reading More Cannabis News out of Augusta

1 Mill Concentrates
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Medical Cannabis Concentrates 101

As we continue to expand our selection of medical cannabis concentrates, we thought it was a good time to explain some of the basics ... as always, please feel free to ask if concentrates are right for you. They aren't always a good fit for beginners. Cannabis concentrates are the extracted "essential oils" of the… Continue reading Medical Cannabis Concentrates 101

Maine Medical Marijuana Dispensary
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New Site Pages & More

We are continually adding more information on our site for you. The About Us page includes information about our Belfast Maine family-owned business. Our FAQ page includes important information about hours, parking, the basics on purchasing, and more. Our social media pages are updated everyday if you want to check out some of the fun… Continue reading New Site Pages & More