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Cannabis and Music & New Arrivals

“Music and herb go together.” ~ Bob Marley

Indeed. Over time, music and cannabis have gone hand and hand. Artists like Bob Marley, Willie Nelson, and Snoop Dog have done a lot to illustrate the therapeutic uses of cannabis and bring it into the “mainstream” conversation.

The science behind why cannabis and music are so intertwined is a “synergy with chemical, neurological and sense experience.” The same can be said for a lot of creative fields and it’s thought that sativa (and sativa-dominant) strains are best because they provide an, “uplifted mood and mellow relaxation.”

We hope you can relax this weekend and enjoy some “herb” while you check out some awesome music at the All Roads Music Festival in Belfast (please follow all smoking laws and drive responsibly).


New Arrivals to 1 Mill this weekend:

Jillybean, Grape Ape, Granddaddy Purple and Church OG are added in our small bud selection! Skywalker OG is in our Candy Man cartridges. We have new blends of pre-rolls include the popular Belfast Blend back in stock!

For more information, visit our Leafly page for updates on new items!

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