Happy Mother's Day from 1 Mill Belfast Maine
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Cannabis: the Birds and the Bees

Happy Mother's Day from 1 Mill Belfast MaineHappy Motherโ€™s Day to all who raise human, pet and plant children!

Today seems like a good day to give an intro on the birds and bees of cannabis ๐Ÿ™‚

A little anatomy/botany

Cannabis is a dioecious plant – meaning it produces either male or female reproductive organs.

Removing a male from the garden allows the female plants to grow large with seedless, resinous buds. What we consume as flower, comes from female plants.

Introducing both males and females will result in cross-pollination and seeds – which is important for genetics (this can also be achieved with cloning etc.) but can reduce the quality of the flower.

Determining the sex of a plant takes place during the pre-flower stage which develops around four weeks into growth.

For more information, please visit this great article from Leafly.

Female cannabis pre-flowers grow as tiny bracts with hair-like stigma peeking out. Male plants produce small, round balls at the nodes. (Amy Phung/Leafly)



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