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THC or CBD for Pets

THC or CBD for Pets

Giving cats catnip is something most people wouldn’t think twice about (it’s sold in all pet stores and even the grocery store) giving their pet. However, when it comes to cannabis people often are wary. This isn’t necessarily wrong and we will let you know why.

There are differing opinions about whether or not cannabis can help your pets – but as more and more studies are able to be conducted there is strong evidence of the therapeutic benefit of THC or CBD for your furry friends.

This comes with a few basic caveats*:

1 ) Your furry friends (especially dogs it seems) can have adverse side effects to too much THC (as can humans). It is recommended that they only take small doses of THC if needed. CBD is a better bet for dogs and cats and more readily available without a medical card. Animals don’t understand the concept of being “high” and too can become agitated and anxious if given too much.

For more information about the benefits and what to watch out for with giving pets marijuana, check here:

2 ) Make sure whatever blends your are giving your pet do not contain any essential oils that are harmful to your pets. Pets metabolize these oils different than humans and they can be harmful to their organs or lungs. This also goes for diffusing, bathing etc. For a basic list of these oils, check here:

*As always, please check with your vet if you have any questions. Start slowly (remember, even catnip can give your cat a bellyache if they eat too much) and monitor your pet to see if they act any differently etc.

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