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New This Week (01/24/22) – updated 1/28/22

Maine Medical Cannabis ADDED 1/28/22 - Edibles: Nerd Ropes and Cookies - Kief Blunts: Blue Gelato, MAC, Mimosa, White Widow, Magic Mix, Pug's Koffee, & Salmon River - $10 Grams: White Fire (H), Tangerine (S), Strawberry Shortcake (H), and Cantaloupe Diesel (S) - Mystique Live Resin 1/2g carts: Grape Pie, Hawaiian Haze, & Lamb Stew… Continue reading New This Week (01/24/22) – updated 1/28/22

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Thanksgiving Holiday Cannabis Specials

1 Mill's Thanksgiving Holiday Cannabis Specials Good Now through Sunday 11/28
 (while supplies last - we will be updating periodically throughout sale) FLOWER:
 - $100 ounces of Salmon River, Grape Ape, Headcheese, White Critical or Unglued - $25 an 1/8th Lavender, Blue Harlequin, Blueberry Muffin, Lemon Diesel or White Rhino Diesel  (reg. $30) - $30… Continue reading Thanksgiving Holiday Cannabis Specials

Maine Medical Cannabis Proposed Rules
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UPDATE: Hearing on New Maine Medical Marijuana Rules

Since last writing, OMP has revised (ever so slightly) their proposed rules. Updated 4/2/21 Please read our next post about another bill that would stop the new rules for now to allow more stakeholder participation We think these revisions haven't gone far enough in keeping medicine affordable and accessible for patients! There was a public hearing… Continue reading UPDATE: Hearing on New Maine Medical Marijuana Rules

thanksgiving maine cannabis specials
black friday deals, cannabis specials, Maine Medical Cannabis, medical marijuana

Holiday Maine Cannabis Specials

HOLIDAY SPECIALS - Good now through SUNDAY (we are closed Thanksgiving, but OPEN all other days :-)) - 100mg lollipops - 2 for $15 - Hazelnut or White Mint Candy Cane Candy Bars (100mg) - $11 - Amaretto or Marshmallow Candy Bars (50mg) - $3 - Mill Mix Badder $25 a gram - GMO Badder… Continue reading Holiday Maine Cannabis Specials

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Happy DNA Day

Happy DNA Day! “It is in our genes to understand the universe if we can, to keep trying even if we cannot, and to be enchanted by the act of learning all the way.”  ~ Lewis Thomas DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is the molecule that contains the genetic code of living organisms. The DNA code contains… Continue reading Happy DNA Day