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A glimmer of hope from Augusta…

On Monday OMP held the hearing on the new medical cannabis rules. Please read more below about actions needed for the proposed rules. Another important piece of legislation LD 1242, "An Act To Ensure Appropriate Oversight of Maine's Medical Marijuana Program," has been filed and will have a hearing in the near future. Essentially, the… Continue reading A glimmer of hope from Augusta…

Maine Cannabis Patients
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Patients First

We would like to let remind everyone we will not be participating as an adult use store at this time. For our patients, this means nothing will change. You will still have access to all our high-quality products as usual. We made the decision not to pursue adult use based on several factors: First and… Continue reading Patients First

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In Memoriam Charlotte Figi

Some people say cannabis has no therapeutic value - those people are wrong. Charlotte Figi was born in 2006. She was diagnosed with Dravet syndrome, a rare and debilitating form of epilepsy that appears when children are young. After pharmaceutical treatments proved ineffective in treating up to hundreds of seizures a day - her family… Continue reading In Memoriam Charlotte Figi