1 Mill Concentrates
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Medical Cannabis Concentrates 101

1 Mill Concentrates
Concentrates at 1 Mill

As we continue to expand our selection of medical cannabis concentrates, we thought it was a good time to explain some of the basics … as always, please feel free to ask if concentrates are right for you. They aren’t always a good fit for beginners.

Cannabis concentrates are the extracted “essential oils” of the cannabis plant. All plants produce an essential oil. Extracting these oils from plants is how we harness the medicinal and nutritional benefits.

Cannabis not only contains the psychoactive THC, but it also contains an abundance of flavor and aroma compounds (terpenes). Cannabis oil contains other cannabinoid compounds related to THC, CBD. These cannabinoids contribute to the overall experience the concentrate provides, but they may also have therapeutic benefits.Shatter Special

Marijuana concentrates can be smoked, vaped, or ingested. The common way to consume concentrates is via a smoking process called dabbing. Dabbing requires a special type of water pipe, called an oil rig.

Here is a list and brief/basic description of some of the many concentrates:

– Shatter: A hardened, translucent wax made from cannabis extract that makes for an easy dabbing

– Wax: Wax is the soft, opaque golden concentrate – it can have a soft viscous texture or a slightly firmer but crumbly texture

– Luminosa: a full spectrum extract also called “caviar.”

– Diamonds & Sauce: A high cannabinoid full spectrum extract containing THCA crystals drenched in a terpene rich, potent sauce

– Rosin: Solventless, uses heated plates and pressure

Live Resin: Usually extracted from newly harvested plants, potent and fresh smell

Moon Rock: Bud rolled in 90% distillate and covered in kief

– RSO: A concentrated form of cannabis oil …  We do carry it, but there is also a recipe here


For more information on extraction visit: MedicalJane: What are Cannabis Extracts

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