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LD 1242 Becomes Law!

Governor Mills has not vetoed LD 1242 – this means the emergency legislation became law at midnight! Thank you all who helped make this important legislation happen. We’d like to extend an additional thanks to: Sen. Chip Curry and Reps Jan Dodge, Scott Cuddy, and MaryAnne Kinney; who voted for the patients and caregivers in our area by supporting this bill.

Read the full text of LD 1242 here (it took immediate effect as it was emergency legislation).

Additionally, LD 939, “An Act To Support Maine’s Medical Marijuana Program and Ensure Patient Access” also became law without veto. This law allows for digital certifications to be used instead of patients having to wait for a mailed hard copy. Full chaptered text here.

We are proud to have helped expand and protect patient access, as well as keep Maine small businesses safe from OMP’s proposed legislation which would have adversely affected many caregivers.

There is still a lot of work ahead in the future; however, it has been a pretty successful legislative session for Maine Medical cannabis!


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