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🌲12/15/22 Specials & More…

Medical Cannabis Specials Belfast Maine

⛄️ Please note we will be open on Christmas Eve our regular Saturday hours 10-9pm and closed only on Christmas. We open back up normal time on Monday, December 26th.

As we approach the “official” start of winter, we are keeping our sales going to help keep things hot – lol πŸ”₯

Current Specials – as of 12/15/22

$180 Ounces(reg. $250)
Sativa: Chocolate Pie
Hybrid: Alien Apple Fritter, Gran Champagne
Indica: Jelly Biscuit

$5/gram Indoor
Indica: Tacky Glue, Blue Gelato
Hybrid: Starduster, Jelly Breath, Trap Queen, Florida Freeze
Sativa: Durban Poison, Moonshine Haze, Zkittlez

$100/oz Outdoor ($5/g)
Indica: Blueberry OG, Banana Hammock
Hybrid: White Rhino Diesel, Mighty Purple
Sativa: Super Berry Punch, Laughing Buddha, Critical 2.0, Mandarin Cookies

$20/g Concentrates (reg. $30 or $40)
Badder: Salmon River, Sunkist, Strawberry Kush, Blue Gelato, Alien Kush, Orange Sherbet, G13
Crumble: Sundae Driver, Frank N Crumble, Jelly Rancher, Sour Blueberry, MAC, Watermelon Gelato
Live Resin: Alien Apple Fritter
Crystals & Sauce: Mill Mix

$30/g Concentrates (reg. $40)
Badder: Blackberry, Bruce Banner
Crumble: MOB Diamonds: White Rhino
Live Resin: Gorilla Lemon, OG Kush, Hulkberry, White Widow



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