Maine Medical Cannabis 1 Mill Belfast
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🌱 02/07/23 – NEW Maine Medical Cannabis Items – 1 Mill Belfast

NEW Items this week include:

$5g of Indoor: Squirt and Skunk Hero – both Hybrids

$5 prerolls of Moby Dick, Raspberry Moonshine, Blueberry Cookies and Blueberry Muffins

Kief Blunts: XXX and Blissful Wizard

Maine Medical Cannabis SALE items… as of 2/6/23. Click here for the current list.

$5/gram Indoor
Indica: Tacky Glue, Purple Punch, G13, Slurricane
Sativa: Poison Pie, Tangerine, Green Crack
Hybrid: Jelly Breath, Squirt, Skunk Hero, Millennium Falcon

$100/oz Outdoor ($5/g)
Indica: Blueberry OG, Banana Hammock, Critical 2.0
Hybrid: Mysterio
Sativa: Mandarin Cookies, Amnesia Lemon, Raspberry Parfait

$180 Ounces (reg. $250)
Hybrid: PB Mimosa, Purple Gelato, Chocolate Pie, Chocolate Unicorn, Early Lemon Berry, Wedding Pie
Indica: Jelly Biscuit, Strawberry Eclair
Sativa: Girl Crush

$20/g Concentrates (reg. $30 or $40)
Badder: Sunkist, Alien Kush, G13, Caramel Kush, Blue Sunset Sherbet,
Gas Money, Cream 47, Apricot Jam, Pineapple Punch 
Crumble: Sundae Driver,  MAC, Durban Poison, Zombie Dust 
Live Resin: Blue Gelato, White Widow, Blue Gelato, Jelly Breath, Tropical Cookies, Mandarin Cookies

$30/g Concentrates (reg. $40)
Live Resin: Gorilla Lemon, Grandaddy Purple, NYPD, Mimosa, Thin Mints
Diamonds: White Rhino Crumble: MOB
Badder: Bruce Banner
Sugar Wax: Smash Cake, Tropicana Cookies

πŸ’₯ While supplies last – as of 02/06/23

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