Critical Purple Kush
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Leap Day Reflections and Harvest News

Take the LeapAs we celebrate “Leap Day,” a day occurring only every 4 years, we reflect on what it means to “take a leap.”

Taking a leap means to jump into something new, and/or take a risk of some sort. We think about almost two years ago when we did just that… we looked at a building on Route 1 that was far from perfect. But we saw a lot of potential in it and decided to “leap.” Paul had been a registered Maine caregiver since 2010 while also working in Augusta on cannabis policy since 2011. I’d been working for a large hotel company since 2007 doing marketing and web design. We decided it was time to take the next big step/risk and open a caregiver storefront.

It has been a pretty amazing ride so far and we are thankful every day for each and every one of you who comes to visit us πŸ™‚ We are also thankful for our team who helps make 1 Mill operate 7 days a week!

This harvest has been our best yet and we couldn’t do it without our cultivation team (Corey, Phil, Dustin, Angie, Heidi, and Chris) who all have a hand in growing, harvesting, and trimming the amazing flower we have available in the store. In addition, Joe and Chris R. have allowed us to be open 7 days a week by managing the store on our day off!

So far this harvest we’ve stocked Apricot Jelly, Banana Hammock,Β  Blue Dream, Caramel Candy Kush, and Moonshine Ghost Train Haze with a few more to stock soon.

Up next (mid to late March) we will have: Chem OG, Grape Rollup, Mandarin Cookies, Critical Purple Kush, Critical Orange Punch, and a few others.



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