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Cannabis Consensus Building for the Maine Medical Marijuana Program

Cannabis Consensus Building for the Maine Medical Marijuana Program …

“If it isn’t broke, don’t try and fix it.” ~ Paul T. McCarrier 2/26/20

Today Paul is attending a round-table, “Consensus Building Discussion,” with the Office of Marijuana Policy and a handful of others representing the caregiver community. This is a testament to his level of experience and expertise in the field and we hope the outcome is one that helps continue to benefit Maine patients.

The main focus will be LD 2099, “An Act To Amend Provisions of the Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Act.” The round-table will address concerns surrounding the bill and possible amendments that make more sense for the continuation of the program to provide safe products for patients as it has for years.

Some of the issues include:

Seedling: We must keep the seedling size at 24” to allow for more patient access to different strains 12” is not a sufficient size.

Ethanol: We do not believe that ethanol and alcohol extractions should be classified as “inherently hazardous substances.” Ethanol extraction has been safely used for countless years. It’s a popular method to create cannabis products like tinctures, edibles and topical products. Banning small extractors hurts small businesses and hinders a patient’s ability to create their own medicine at home.

Labeling: We believe the current labeling requirements are sufficient for providing the public with safe products.

Fines: Though we believe fines for violations are not an overreach, we feel the fine limits are set too high in this bill. They should be reasonable and shouldn’t put an undue financial burden on caregivers or extractors.

In addition, another issue we’d like to see addressed:

Colocation of medical and adult use stores: It makes sense for a myriad of reasons, it will be easier access for the consumer and more streamlined for municipalities.

***We will keep you updated as things progress and hopefully be back with good news soon!***

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