thanksgiving maine cannabis specials
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Holiday Maine Cannabis Specials

HOLIDAY SPECIALS – Good now through SUNDAY (we are closed Thanksgiving, but OPEN all other days :-))

100mg lollipops – 2 for $15
Hazelnut or White Mint Candy Cane Candy Bars (100mg) – $11
Amaretto or Marshmallow Candy Bars (50mg) – $3
Mill Mix Badder $25 a gram
GMO Badder $30 a gram
Kief $10 a gram
GG#4 Gram Carts $50
PLATINUM FLOWER: Hawaiian Maui Wowie, Grapefruit, Bubblicious, Mother of Berries or Gelato $25 1/8ths

Torch or Nectar Collector $20 each
Chillums $15 each
RAW wallet $10 (with lighter and papers)
Bakers Tools $20

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