Maine Medical Marijuana
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New This Week (01/24/22) – updated 1/28/22

Maine Medical Cannabis

ADDED 1/28/22

Edibles: Nerd Ropes and Cookies
Kief Blunts: Blue Gelato, MAC, Mimosa, White Widow, Magic Mix, Pug’s Koffee, & Salmon River
$10 Grams: White Fire (H), Tangerine (S), Strawberry Shortcake (H), and Cantaloupe Diesel (S)
Mystique Live Resin 1/2g carts: Grape Pie, Hawaiian Haze, & Lamb Stew
$5 Prerolls: Salmon River & Peyote Critical
$10 Prerolls: Banana Hammock
$5 Grams of Do-Si-Dos

ADDED 1/24/22

Limited Edition: Garlic Breath (Hybrid) and Maui Haze (Sativa)
$40 Badder: Hybrids – Blue Harlequin and Lavender
$40 Live Resin: Banana Hammock (Indica) and “Paul” (Hybrid)
$50 Crystals: Super Citrus (Sativa) and Black Cherry Candy (Indica)
$10 grams of Hybrids – White Widow and Blue Gelato
Kief Blunts: Lemon Skunk (Sativa) and Blueberry Muffin (Indica)
$5 grams of Grape Ape (Hybrid) and Somali Taxi Tangie (Sativa)
$45 Blunt Packs of Mimosa (Sativa)

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