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Legislative Update – March 2022

Maine Cannabis – Legislative Updates

Here are some updates about the current legislative session …

Three bills have passed through the Veteran’s and Legislative Affairs Committee which will help keep prices lower for patients, extend patient access (with digital copies of cards being accepted), among several other things that will streamline the process. These bills will be voted on by the full legislature soon.

Read more here: Medical marijuana bills move to full legislature for a vote

Paul McCarrier with the Cannabis Council of Maine says these bills will allow the medical marijuana business in Maine to work in a more efficient manner moving forward.

”The Office of Marijuana Policy is working with the community and listening to us. They’re going to be working with us to keep the prices for patients fair and low and to make sure that patients can continue to access that therapeutic cannabis. We’re also going to make it easier for patients so patients will be able to use a digital copy of their medical cannabis card as opposed to having the physical copy. In a digital age, we have digital ID cards, we have digital insurance cards. An additional medical card just makes sense,” said McCarrier.

Also, read more here: Maine Legislative Committee OKs 3rd Marijuana Proposal

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