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A Sincere Thank You ๐ŸŒผ NEW Maine Medical Cannabis SPECIALS

Thank you for a great 420 week! We sincerely appreciate your business and it means so much to our Maine family business. We are continuing some of our most popular 420 specials, as well as, our flower specials.

Here are our Current Maine Medical Cannabis Specials:

* All Dabs: $20g

* 1 Mill 1/2g Oleoresin Carts: $25 per cart (Moby Dick, Raspberry Parfait, Mandarin Zkittlez, Banana Hammock, and Lemon Tree)

* Outdoor Flower: $100oz/$5g
Blueberry, Big Bud – Indica
GMO, Pineapple Chunk – Hybrid
Laughing Buddha, Lemon Tree – Sativa

* Indoor Flower: $140oz/$5g
Dosi 33, Blue Gelato, Grape Cake Head – Indica
Squirt, Unicorn Poop, Velvet Underground – Hybrid
Headband, Candy Store, Agent Orange – Sativa

While Supplies Last As of 4/25/23

Maine medical cannabis specials


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